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Hope Under Siege Poster

Watch the firsthand accounts of Ukrainian refugees and stories of ADRA’s relief work amidst the conflict. Hear the testimonies of their hope under siege.

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Produced by Hope Media Europe, this edgy series follows two disparate college chaplains struggling with their own demons while trying to help students in need.

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Great Controversy poster (fixed)

This graphic novel-style film, produced by "Hope Discovery" in Romania, follows Naomi's dangerous choices that lead to her brother's hospitalization and the discovery of a plot to unleash global chaos and destruction.

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The Hopeful Poster

Aboard a steamship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in 1874, widower John Andrews delights the restless minds of his two children with a tale of courage, hope, war, and true love that begins with the end of the world.

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Welcome to Hope Studios, where storytelling knows no borders and hope has no limits.

Through the universal language of cinematic storytelling, we traverse cultural, religious, and political divides to offer a global community narratives of everlasting hope. Since our curtain rose in 2022, our mission is to reach one billion people through stories that entertain, inspire, and shine a spotlight on hope.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of our diverse team’s experience in the film industry, broadcast television, non-profits, and community development, we seek to extend ourselves beyond any single community or media avenue. Grounded in timeless values, Hope Studios offers intentional, high quality storytelling that stirs the heart even after the credits roll.

Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine storytelling and infuse each creation with the power of hope that resonates long after the final frame.


Kevin Christenson

Kevin Christenson

After working on projects for Netflix, ABC, NBCUniversal, and others, Kevin brought his industry experience to Hope Studios to raise the bar of high-quality entertainment with messages of faith. Kevin oversees distribution relationships and manages production financing/oversight in an Executive Producer capacity.

Rico Hill

Rico Hill

With a background in development for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and other studios, as well as serving in leadership capacities for health-focused non-profits, Rico brings a passion and astute eye to Hope Studios’ creative development processes. Rico oversees new projects and serves in an Executive Producer role in overseeing ongoing productions.

Gavin Bedney

Gavin Bedney

Having worked for the development team of Franklin Entertainment, Gavin joined the Hope Studios team. Gavin keeps all the ongoing development, production, and other project timelines on task.

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